Customer Responsibilities

Customer Responsibilities

Service Lines

The Districts has both water and sewer lines that (usually) run through the street. The Customer service line attaches to the main via a Tap. The customer is responsible for their entire service line and the Tap on both the water and sewer services. 

Sewer Service Line

We suggest having your sewer line cleaned once per year to help prevent blockages due to root intrusion or build up. If you do have a blockage having your line cleaned may solve your problem but in some cases damage or other issues may require a partial or even full line replacement. 
Due to predatory behavior we have seen from some companies, we offer free sewer line video reviews as a service to our customers, for security reasons we can only accept DVDs or Youtube links. We also suggest getting at least 3 quotes before having ANY work done.

What NOT to Flush
Some materials can damage your sewer service line or the district mains. The water treatment process removes many medications and other chemicals but can't remove them all.

  • Medication
  • Fats, Grease, and Oil
  • Wipes, Even “Flushable” ones
  • Household Hazardous Waste*
*Many household products contain hazardous substances and are harmful to our environment and aquatic life when disposed in drains, toilets and storm drains. Paints & solvents, Cleaners, Fuels, Pesticides, Antifreeze, Motor oil.

Water Service Line

The customer is responsible for keeping their Curb Stop and Meter Pit (if you have an outdoor meter) up to grade and accessible by the District.

The District may be able to provide a drawing of your service line to help locate your curb stop and/or meter pit. If the District has to locate and uncover your Curb Stop and/or Meter Pit, you may be charged.

The Meter itself is the property of the District, if you have any issues, please contact us. 

  • Tampering with the meter is a felony. The following may be considered tampering:
  • Turning water ON IF you have been shut off BY GMWSD.
  • Changing anything ​on the meter body.  
  • Changing or damaging the wires coming from a meter. 

Water Line Insurance

Due to the extreme rarity of issues with customer water service lines we DO NOT recommend water line insurance.