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The Green Mountain Park Water and Sanitation District was formed in 1951. The District merged with Northside Water and Sanitation District in 1982 and was renamed Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District.

The District maintains a business office at 13919 W. Utah Avenue, Lakewood, Colorado 80228 and a maintenance facility at 291 S Zinnia Way, Lakewood, CO 80228. The business telephone number is 303-985-1581, the facsimile number is 303-985-0680, and the e-mail address is gmwsd@greenmountainwater.org.

The District provides water and sewer service to approximately 9,639 residential customers and 833 commercial accounts and the area serviced is approximately 9.5 square miles. The District is about 98% developed.

The District has a Master Meter Contract with Denver Water Department. Water is purchased by the District wholesale from Denver Water Department and is measured through metering stations at 4th and Independence, and at W Jewell Avenue and W. Yale Avenue.

The District has a Special Connectors Agreement with the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District. The District pays the Metro District annual charges based on flows and strength of flows measured at the Wier Gulch metering station, and the Iliff metering station and the Morrison Road metering stations.

The budget is prepared on an accrual basis of accounting. The budget is prepared by the district manager and submitted to the Board of Directors and is open for public comment any time prior to adoption which is not before the second Tuesday in November. For budgetary purposes, Depreciation is not considered as an expenditure and System Development Fees are considered income.

The District is debt-free and does not collect property taxes. The District currently relies on revenue received from water and sewer user fees to fund the District operations.
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