P103037236381Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District (GMWSD or District) is a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision, located wholly within the City of Lakewood.

GMWSD, a master-meter distributor, purchases water for the District from the Denver Board of Water Commissioners (Denver Water) and is connected to Metro Wastewater Reclamation District Number One (Metro Wastewater) for wastewater treatment services for the District. The District serves approximately 11,000 residential and commercial connections. The District Manager will report to the Board of Directors (BOD) which consists of 5 elected Directors. The District Manager will supervise a staff of 22 employees, with 4 direct reports including both Field and Office personnel.

The Green Mountain Park Water & Sanitation District was formed in 1951. The District merged with Northside Water and Sanitation District in 1982 and was renamed Green Mountain Water & Sanitation District.

The District has a Master Meter Contract with Denver Water. Water is purchased by the District wholesale from Denver Water and is measured through metering stations within the District. The District has a Special Connectors Agreement with the Metro Wastewater. The District pays Metro Wastewater annual charges based on flows and strength of flows measured at various metering stations.

The budget is prepared on an accrual basis of accounting by the District and submitted to the Board of Directors in October each year. The budget is open for public comment any time prior to adoption. For budgetary purposes, depreciation is not considered as expenditure and System Development Fees are considered income. The District is debt-free and does not collect property taxes. The District currently relies on revenue received from water and sewer user fees to fund District operations.

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